1 Ton SPX Hydraulic Spreader HS2000

1 ton capacity spreader. Full 2,000 lbs. capacity at 10,000 psi with 4" spread. Can be "dead-ended" at 4" spread under full load. Needs only 9/16" clearance to engage jaws.

HS2000 1 Ton Capacity Hydraulic Spreader

•Full 2000 lbs. capacity at 10,000 psi.

•Can be dead ended at 4" spread under full load

•High strength alloy steel forged upper and lower jaws

•Jaws are spring return, and retract automatically when the pressure is released

•Essentially a hydraulic pry bar

•1 ton capacity enough for a variety of jobs

•Only needs 9/16" clearance to engage the jaws

•Lifts or moves machinery, spreads concrete forms and does straightening work

•Conforms to ANSI B30.1 standards

•.63 cu in of oil required

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