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Straightpoint Load CellsAt All-Way Wire Rope and Splicing, Inc. we will never take you or your business for granted. The safety, security, and satisfaction of our customers is the main goal. We offer affordable, high quality wire rope and chain hardware assembly products and services, including Straightpoint load cells use in St. Louis and the surrounding area.

Made from high grade materials, Straightpoint load cells available from the industry specialists at All-Way use advanced microprocessor-based electronics to provide remarkable resolution and accuracy.

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High Quality Straightpoint Load Cells

Load cells are devices used to measure weight in many common technological applications of daily modern life. While not immediately recognizable, they are hidden essential components in the inner workings of a wide range of instruments.

Straightpoint load cells consist of steel or aluminum spring elements with strain weight gauges. A load cell is a physical element that can translate pressure into an electrical signal. When a load cell is applied to a sensor, it changes its resistance and leads to a change in output voltage when a input voltage is applied.

The different types of Straightpoint load cells that have different characteristics for different applications include:

  • Bending beam
  • Bending beam load cells
  • Compression
  • Dual shear beam
  • Miniature
  • Pancake
  • Shear beam
  • Single point

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