CROSBY- Fist Grip Wire RopeClips G-429


Entire clip is Galvanized to resist corrosive and rusting action.

Based on the catalog breaking strength of wire rope, Crosby wire rope clips have an effeciency rating of 80% for 3/16"-7/8" sizes, and 90% for sizes 1" through 1-1/2:

Bolts ae an intergral part of the saddle.  Nuts can be installed in such as wat as to enable the operator to swing the wrench in a full arc for fast instillation.

All sizes have forged steel saddles/

All clips are individually bagged or tagged with proper application instructions and warning information.

Meets or exceeds all requirements of ASME B30.26 including identification, ductilitly, design factor, proof load and tempature requirements. Imortantly, these wire rope clips meet other critical performance requirements.  Importantly, these wire rope clips meet the other critical perfomance requirements including fatigue life, impact properties and material traceability, not addressed by ASME B30.26.

Assembled with standard heavy hex nuts.


Those who know the name “Crosby” know the significance the name holds within the rigging and lifting industry. It is a name that has been trusted for over 130 years, is rooted in tradition, and drives the industry-changing innovations of tomorrow.

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