Inspections and Testing

OSHA regulations require that all chain slings and numerous other items receive an in depth inspection at least once a year by a competent person. All-Way, Inc. provides the opportunity for you to have a thorough, documented, fully traceable inspection performed by trained technicians.

Chain slings, wire rope slings, web slings, round slings, wire mesh slings,and numerous other  below the hook lifting devices can all be inspected in one survey by a representative of a company that furnishes them all. All-Way, Inc. has sold and serviced these lifting devices throughout the country and we are familiar with the current regulations and standards that apply to a professionally conducted survey. Additionally, we utilize an RFID Field ID Inspection and Asset Tracking system to provide the most accurate, advanced survey while saving you and your company valuable time.

Thorough and Comprehensive Inspections and Testing

All reports and product data can be traced online at your convenience whenever the need should arise. Our detailed reports allow you to view inspections, load tests, repairs, and track equipment locations easily and efficiently with less time out of service. Should you need to print or review these documents, Instant-Access to your inspection reports and test certificates is available on our secure All-Way, Inc./N4 Field ID website 24/7

Our heavy duty sling and chain tags carry the statutory capacity, serial number and load limit information longer than standard metal tags and interface electronically with our chain hoist inspection and tracking system for time saving future rigging hardware and wire rope sling inspections or necessary data retrieval.

On top of the inspection services, All-Way, Inc. offers in-house and on-site load testing services which is also traceable through our Field ID system. Wire rope slings, chain slings, synthetic slings, fittings, hardware, hoists, load beams, and numerous other items are routinely tested by our trained technicians.

Please call 800-920-3330 to schedule an onsite demonstration or an advanced inspection or load test today.

If you or your company currently utilizes our rigging inspections or testing services, you may login or request online access to your account by clicking the All-Way Field ID button on this page.

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