MODEL FRD- Locking Type

Locking Type

Locking Type:

The Model FRD is a vertical lifting clamp that incorporates two Model FR clamps into one and is used for heavy duty work where it is desirable to spread the gripping surfaces with two points of contact. The clamp contains two “Lock Closed”mechanisms which are activated by a single chain and a manually operated “Lock Open” mechanism.

J.C. Renfroe & Sons has been an international leader in the manufacturing of products for over 70 years.

Renfroe products are manufactured in Jacksonville, Florida, Spain and Germany. A worldwide network of stocking distributors provides a readily available source of supply and service.

We have a distinguished heritage at J.C. Renfroe & Sons. When our country has called, we have responded. The historic Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania needed to be relocated with great care. Our lifting products were used. After the space shuttle Challenger tragedy, we were called to design a special clamp to aid in the recovery of the debris. When they needed lifting capabilities for our nuclear submarines, we were there. History has proven when our country needed the very best, Renfroe was called.

The Renfroe legacy began in 1940 with Joseph Renfroe and his four sons. His son Charles, and now, Charles’ wife Anne, followed. The standard of excellence on which the company was founded exists today with J.C. Renfroe II, grandson of the founder, overseeing the final inspections of Renfroe clamps.

Renfroe’s innovative technology and streamlined manufacturing produces the highest quality lifting products in the industry. Our close-knit employee family continues to work with the same dedication to excellence as our founders.

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